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Education that meets International Standards, with optimum utilization of state-of-the-art technology...

Our School Motto


Vision Statement

To be recognized as the finest institution for its quality, commitment and excellence in education

Mission Statement

To empower each student to achieve all-round development. Driven by a passion to excel and committed.

Experienced Teachers

All the teachers are highly qualified and have been professionally experienced.

Goal Statement

Provision of quality education that should be relevant to all and particularly to the society, is the main goal of J. K. International School.

J.K. International School, Konar, Sasaram

We are committed to provide a safe and secured environment where students enjoy learning and recognise their worth, dignity and leadership capacity. The beautiful landscape, with its energy conscious buildings, fields and ponds complement and enhance the serenity of nature in the campus.

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Give your child a Quality Education where Innovation Begins !

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Why Choose Us?

Do you want to ensure a bright future for your child? Make the best decision of getting your child admitted to JK International School for the best academic education and other beneficial factors.

Our schools assure academic education that follows the curriculum set by CBSE board with english talking environment. Our goal is comprehensive education focused not only on expanding knowledge and skills but also on developing one's personality and shaping the attitudes of tolerance, understanding and responsibility.

Our teachers are hired based on their qualification, teaching skills, interactive skills and experience in teaching students. These highly qualified teachers ensure a top-quality education program with a proper understanding of the concepts to students. They also guide students about how to handle situations in life and become an excellent human being.

JK International Schools have well-designed and latest technology equipped infrastructure settings for optimum comfort and convenience. We have smart classrooms for better understanding and enhanced explanation of concepts through presentations. By ensuring good computer laboratories with well-equipped machines and chairs, students can keep themselves updated with essential information technology skills and operate programming and MS offices.

Activities related to sports are a crucial part of our academic curriculum. Our schools provide a wide variety of sports options to their students. JK International Schools avail top class physical education programs divided into outdoor and indoor sports exercises or activities. Outdoor sports facilities include such as a Cricket Academy with playground, Archery Academy, Basketball court, Swimming pools Badminton, Sepak Takraw, Skating etc. Indoor sports facilities include Yoga, Table Tennis, Carrom, Wushu, Chess, etc. Our Schools ensure highly qualified and specialized teachers as trainers for a convenient environment to improve your physical fitness and health.

Getting your kid admitted to our school will make him/her holistically developed for the future. This implies that the students will get extreme support for intellectual, emotional, social, and physical enhancement for a better career graph. This depicts how our schools widens your kid's career and life opportunities effectively and efficiently.

We are more than just a school.

J.K. Group of Schools .

Driven by a passion to excel and committed to J. K. Group of Schools offers children an exceptional life-enhancing experience, providing them with the skills and confidence they need to stand out from the crowd.

JKIS, Ranchi

  • Address: JK International School, Agru, Ratu, Ranchi- 835222
  • Contact No: 7369017904, 7369017912, 8271880404
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J.K. Happy Feet Play School

  • Address: Line Tank Road, Opp. Hotel Le Lac, Ranchi- 834001
  • Contact No: 7369017923, 8709180491
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JKIS, Nagri

  • Address:JK International School, Bandheya, Nagri, Ranchi- 835303
  • Contact No: 7369017924, 7369017906, 7369017923
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JKIS, Sasaram

  • Address: JK International School, Konar, Sasaram- 802215 (Bihar)
  • Contact No: 6201426114, 9525991075, 9939308334
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JKIS, Ramgarh

  • Address: JK International School, Kundru-Khurd (Barlong), Kurmi More, Ramgarh- 825101
  • Contact No: 7369017904, 7369017912
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